Affirmations have been used for many years and were bought into the spotlight when pioneer Louise Hay showed how by practicing them she changed her life and the life of many others.  Affirming helps one to develop mental agility, emotional resilience, clarity and grounding which equips you with the ability to manage levels of anxiety, stress or self-doubt in moments where we really need anchoring.

Why I chose to design affirmation cards

As a psychologist I found that when I was in touch with my clients post and in-between coaching sessions, I would be giving them words of encouragement and wisdom.  They would always come back to me to say they really valued the affirmations that I shared with them in their times of need. This fascinated me as I too used Affirmations to positively change my life, after practicing them, my new world felt very different to the old one.  From this stemmed the idea for the creation of the Affirmation for Inner Peace, these are available to buy from my website, here, and now on Amazon!

The true benefit of having affirmations cards is that you can call upon this beautiful voice of reason anytime you need to. Their size and practicality means that they can go anywhere with you and will not get in the way. I found that clients would keep these cards close with them in their bag, work desk or bedside table. The voice of reason that I had previously fulfilled for them by a phone call or a message is now encapsulated by my Affirmation cards, offering an anchoring voice that is immediately accessible in an exacting moment of need. I also use the cards with my kids and coaching clients, they are brilliant to get us from a place of being stuck to seeing hope and a way forward, gaining full autonomy over the perspective we take.  What’s not to love?!

Why these specific Affirmations?

From what started as a frustration, the frustration that I wished those I love and care for, including you reading this now, didn’t have to endure any emotional suffering and would have a way that would enable self-soothing and a sense of inner peace made me feel like I needed to do something more, after over 50 hours of research, Affirmations for Inner Peace was created.  As the world becomes more uncertain, these affirmations give us the ability to ground within ourself despite the uncertainty.  Pre-pandemic life felt chaotic and this hasn’t stopped.  The more mindful we become on building our emotional resilience the more we can strengthen our ability to face change and challenges with confidence, inner peace and resilience.

The Affirmations I have created and chosen for my Affirmations for Inner Peace card selection are those that I have found clients have been the most connected with. They are the most direct, each beginning with “I AM” – allowing you to take ownership over how you feel.

How are these different from others?

These cards are backed by science.

Being a Psychologist and having worked with people all over the world for 20 years now, I have had my fair share of conversations where people feel ‘stuck’.  With my scientists hat on I felt a bit of research was needed before I put pen to paper.  After 50 hours of reading through Psychological and Medical research journals I understood that science and psychology fully backed the use of Affirming through and through, I noted the positive shift it bought to communities, cultures and people. We all have what is known as a ‘psychological immune system’ and it is as important that we care for it as we do for our physical immune system as it supports the development of a positive sense of self. We can do this by using affirmations to combat and counteract negative thought patterns and our inner narrative in order to retrain our brains. This is a process known as neuroplasticity. By focusing on positive, empowering and enabling thoughts we train our mind to say, hear, and see the good meaning we are less likely to miss opportunities that come our way.

Affirming has also been found to:

  1. Reduce increased cortisol levels (our bodies leading stress hormone) and epinephrine (also known as adrenaline)
  2. Enhance problem solving skills
  3. Boost academic achievement
  4. Increase creativity
  5. Reduce our defensiveness
  6. Improve our psychological resilience to stressful situations

When we give our mind the direction it is longing for, we conquer what we once felt was impossible.  If we choose not to, our mind and narrative decide for itself.  Anchor in a way that fulfils your potential and notice how you have the power to turn your life around.

Thank you to Olivia Brindle for your support with research analysis and consolidation of this brilliant data.