Feeling amazing shouldn’t be hard work; and if we try, we can make a huge difference to our general well-being and state of mind. Normally I would write an article that is all about the changes you can adopt in your life to help you to start feeling amazing the moment you choose to, but I know that at this time of year its not always easy and particularly with the year we have all experienced.

Christmas itself is often a time where we feel the pressure of perfection. We are surrounded by constant reminders of what our home should look like, wonderful relationships we should have and the extravagant gifts we should be giving and receiving. This can often make us feel far from amazing as we begin to compare ourselves and worry that our lives do not live up to these socially enforced flawless festive expectations.

BUT (include something about not comparing yourself to others). I assure you that despite the pressure we may feel from Christmas there are still simple things you can do to make a difference to how amazing you feel!


  • Identify 3 positive things that happened in your day and write them down. You can look back over these and see how much positivity you can/have achieved – it will be a great mood enhancer.


  • Give yourself 15 minutes to write down why you value your close friends and family. This will give you perspective on you’re closest relationships and will help you recognise a sense of support that you may otherwise have overlooked.


  • Say and think 3 positive things a day. Thinking and talking negatively will make you feel the opposite of amazing. Regardless of how good you may look on the outside, your negative energy will take away any potential spring that you could have had in your step!


  • Try going to bed one hour earlier than usual in this festive period. You will notice how much more vibrant and alive you feel.


  • Spend an evening of watching your favourite movies, this is called movie therapy.  Doing this can support you in appreciating the relationships you have in your life and further help you to clarify real-life solutions to any problems you may have.


  • Make sure you recharge for 15 minutes before attempting any home tasks after a long day out.  This discipline will help you to move into the rest of your evening feeling relaxed and refreshed rather than strung out by seemingly never-ending festivities.


All too often in life, we worry about the end result, get embarrassed by our efforts and give up.  True change is about the process and not what it looks like.  Be your own best friend, not your own worst enemy and give yourself credit.  Feel great that you have a choice to change how you feel and start making steps towards being amazing today.

Wishing you luck, prosperity and happiness for you and your family this festive period and into the new year.


For more advice surrounding coping with or supporting someone else through Christmas 2020 visit: https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/tips-for-everyday-living/christmas-and-mental-health/christmas-and-mental-health/