Ask yourself ‘who you are’ and when you find the answer be sure to highlight your strengths.  Knowing your strengths will get you to go from ‘good to great’.  Things become ‘difficult’ and ‘hard’ when you create a ‘mantra’ called ‘life is unfair, life is hard, life is difficult’.  Nothing gets better when you moan, complain and focus on ‘what is wrong’ as opposed to ‘what is right’ and ‘what is good’.

It is a massive mistake to inhale and absorb other people’s anxieties and stress.  You need to live your life in a way that is true to you and also authentic to your personal values and dreams.  I understand that this is sometimes very difficult however there is always a way when you learn to compromise and respect yourself and others.  Don’t lose your cool and think about how you can be elegant as opposed to aggressive.  Nobody likes a bully so if you are one realise that this behaviour is weak and insecure, and if you are being bullied seek help and direction to get as far away from this negative individual as soon as you can.  Ultimately, the only person you can control and change is yourself

Stay focused on your goals and know that the longest journey begins with the smallest steps.  If your goals and dreams appear too overwhelming just visualise the first 3 steps that you need to take to achieve them.  Then you may want to break the first step down into baby steps, this will make things a lot more manageable for you.  Remember, nothing is impossible, do not create barriers that are simply assumptions. When you do this you set yourself up to fail. I think you deserve better. You have potential and your role in this world is to fulfil it.  When in doubt seek inspiration from leaders that have faced adversity and have still managed to get through despite the adversity.  Do not accept bad behaviour.  When one door closes -another one opens.  Learn how to respect yourself and you will learn that others start to respect you too.  When you change, the world changes around you.

Our mind is not intelligent enough to decipher between negative and positive thoughts.  Therefore it takes on whatever we give most of our energy to.  Question: are you typically feeling negative or positive?  Your world will reflect wherever you are in your thoughts.  Understand and be very aware of this now.  It is essential for your own emotional and mental well being that you encourage seeing the ‘good’ and the ‘positive’ as opposed to the negative.  Discourage and eliminate negative emotions, as they do not serve you well.  Let what you are grateful for overwhelm what is ‘wrong’.  Be thankful for the basic things in life that is a good place to start.  Remember, life could be a lot worse.

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