1. A big to-do list (work, family, home tec – your list is huge and just thinking about it de-energises you)

-if you look at a massive list achieving everything at once seems impossible. You deflate any motivation as you can struggle to absorb all your tasks at one go. The first thing to do is take 5 minutes to go through each task on your list and letter them in terms of priority- H,M,L (high,medium,low). Then group the tasks in each category. look at each task and break each down by 3 actions that you need to do to complete the task. This helps you to digest each task and realistically helps you to manage achieving each item.

2. Energy sapping friends/family members – those people who drain your energy – exhaust you – what can you do about them?

Firstly, expect nothing from no one. You are in control of your feelings and emotions. If you feel someone is having a negative effect on your energy levels choose exactly how much time, if any, you would like to spend with them. Make time for yourself and do not allow yourself to be bought into conversations that drown your energy. Also you may want to share that you are working hard to stay positive and if they can support you with that by remaining positive in your company, that would be great.

3. Your stuck-in-a-rut routine – every day the same? How to bring variety to your life

Plan to do something different everyday, simple things like paint a picture, write a poem, read a book, go to the movies. This will bring some variety in your routine. Think about what you do enjoy and do more of that. Remember the fastest way of moving backwards is by standing still so take action to do something now as the feeling of frustration will grow if you don’t. Create the change you want to see.