If you have ever failed at something in your life and you use this as a reason and excuse to not progress then you are creating hurdles and barriers that are unnecessarily hindering your personal growth and progression.  Remember there is no ‘reason’ why any failure has to become your terminal illness unless you give it permission and allow it to be.  Nothing or no one is perfect, that is an absolute fact.  This shouldn’t give you an excuse to operate as mediocre but should encourage you to stop giving yourself a hard time and start promising that you will be the best you can be regardless of what life throws at you.  Life is very short – ask someone who is over the age of 85.  So make the most of every second and step out of your comfort zone.

I heard a great quote: ‘Losers live in the past.  Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future’ Denise Waitley.  Although it is strongly believed that the past influences our future and can have a profound effect on how we are today – it is important to be very mindful that the past does not equal the future unless we allow it to.  We often use the past as a map and blueprint for our future.  These parameters are completely fictitious and often restrict our potential and growth.

Our mind is not intelligent enough to decipher between negative and positive thoughts.  Therefore it takes on whatever we give most of our energy to.  Question: are you typically feeling negative or positive?  Your world will reflect wherever you are in your thoughts.  Understand and be very aware of this now.  It is essential for your own emotional and mental well being that you encourage seeing the ‘good’ and the ‘positive’ as opposed to the negative.  Discourage and eliminate negative emotions, as they do not serve you well.  Let what you are grateful for overwhelm what is ‘wrong’.  Be thankful for the basics, that is a good place to start (the five senses, ability to read, a roof over your head etc).  Remember, life could be a lot worse.

If you have people around you that constantly talk about your issues and encourage you to ‘live in the past’ be aware that this is hugely unhelpful to your betterment and freedom from issues that make you feel ‘bad’.  Choose to be around people who inspire you and who are positive.  This will encourage you to have a better, more positive energy about you, which is infectious.   Make a decision to better your life and stick to it.  Diplomatically distance yourself from people who don’t let you – let go of your past.  Stop blaming external sources for your misery and proactively determine what it is going to take for you to move into a better future.

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