Ask yourself what you are longing for and have a think about whether your life feels fulfilled or not.  A lot of people think fulfilment is driving a nice car, living in a nice house or wearing fancy clothes but as a psychologist, from what I have seen, this is not the case.  I work with a lot of clients who have everything they could ask for materially, however, when it comes to the spiritual and emotional fulfilment department – there is significant dissatisfaction.  Read on to find out the simple steps that you can take to achieve the happiness and fulfilment you deserve.

Firstly, you have to make a commitment or decide that you won’t bother trying to create happiness in your life at all.   This sounds harsh, but when you live in a state of limbo, which is neither here nor there, you are always in a place that is negative.  There is no gain whatsoever in moaning and complaining about your problems and lifestyle because this achieves nothing but further disappointment with your current reality.  Simply create and commit to taking 3 baby steps every day to get closer to the fulfilment you deserve.  This immediately sets you up for success and ensures that you are doing something about your current levels of disappointment and are getting closer to where you want to be.  Start with very simple things that would be easy to incorporate within your day.  For example: take a ten-minute walk every morning or evening by yourself to have some ‘me time’, list 10 things that you’re grateful for, meditate and continue to build on a hobby that you love.  All of these activities will start to change your negative energy into positive energy.

If you lack the energy and effort to create a positive turnaround in your life nothing of worth and weight will ever be achieved.  If this sounds like you, look in the mirror and really think about the consequences and impact of such thoughts and lack of desire in your life.  Every second is a chance to turn it all around and you have all it takes to conjure up the strength to get into the driving seat of your life.  Don’t over analyse situations, other people or yourself because when you do you create further hurdles that you have to get over, these thoughts unnecessarily drain your energy.  If you are not happy about your current situation think hard about what you can do to progress out of it.  Write down twenty-one possible ways of making your life better.  It all starts with you and ends with you. No one can give you a pill or plate full of happiness to digest and it is unfair for you to expect this.  Expect nothing from anyone but yourself and you will soon start to see just how much control you have over your levels of happiness and fulfilment.

This summer I am running a one day Impact Boot Camp focusing on how you can get attuned to yourself, being the best – regardless of what life throws at you.  This session will absolutely work on elements of this and previous articles and will definitely help you get closer to the happiness and fulfilment you deserve.  Alternatively, you may prefer one to one coaching which is a great-bespoke alternative.  If you are interested in finding out more about the type of development solutions and support I offer do get in touch